Video's Art Direction: Carolina Abreu
Motion graphics, illustration: Carolina Abreu
Copywriter: Victoria Guimarães


Vídeo e manifesto criado para a marca Venus, que desenvolve absorventes ecológicos feitos com tecidos e materiais macios e respiráveis. @venusabsorventesecologicos

Agradecimentos especiais a Raphael Dias.

Video and manifest created for the brand Venus, that develops ecological tampons made with cloth, soft and breathable materials. @venusabsorventesecologicos

Special thanks to Raphael Dias.

Script Translation:

450 years. Did you want to live this long? 
This is the time it takes to a tampon to fully decompose on the planet.
Warning: Yes, in this video we are gonna talk about menstruation. 
In addition to harming the environment, tampons damage the health of your vagina, causing irritations, infections and even increase menstrual bleeding.Not to mention how they affect our perception of our own bodies. 
Being Girl Power is essential, but have you ever heard about the sacred feminine? 
We women carry an ancestral power, which rules the world and gave rise to it (Duuh, pregnancy, womb, etc.)
Throughout history, we have got that power taken away from us, as we´ve been convinced that everything that makes us women is wrong and even disgusting.But the truth is that menstruating is beautiful and 100% natural. 
And it was rescuing this contact with the natural and with what is more feminine that mother and daughter got together to do something special, inspired by the women of the past, but certainly a lot cooler. 
Say hello to Venus ecological tampons! 
We create tampons with materials that respect your vulva and let it breathe, unlike the ordinary ones, which only serve for the proliferation of fungi and bacteria. 
Aha! What is disgusting now? 
Fresh, practical and comfortable, they are made by women and for women, allowing the freedom of their flow and the freedom of each woman to be herself. 
Get to know your body better and the Goddess within you.